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Affiliate marketing tools can give you the edge if you use them the right way. Many super affiliates want to develop their own tool and sell it to you. It’s very important you don’t fall into this trap!

Before we start, I feel obligated to tell you that mainly 2 types of people read my blog:

1 – People who read everything I write, email me every day with a list of questions but never run a campaign or take action. Therefore, they never earn any money!

2 – People who read a guide or two, listen to what I say, and they do it! They take action before they go to sleep! And those are often the ones who succeed.

It is your choice who you want to be!

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing tools out there. Most of them are not worth anything despite their marketing claims. A few, however, are worth more than they cost.

If you want to start in affiliate marketing nowadays, you must use tools and optimization. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Blockbuster, being eaten by Netflix.

You need education, tools, and some work.

Education & Community

1-To stop wasting money, get the most invaluable course you can ever have in affiliate marketing. PERIOD. My buddy Frank will take you from an absolute beginner to $5K a month. But you have to put the work in! There’s no magic pill.

If you have 5 min to read, check the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners.

2-You have to join the best affiliate marketing community in the world! It is STM! You have to meet and talk to like-minded people. It is a rough journey, and you will need help.

I have tried many online and offline communities for affiliate marketing. Nothing is better than STM Forum. I highly recommend it.

Affiliate Network

3-There are a lot of choices here. At every conference I attend, I get approached by tons of new affiliate networks I have never heard of. Most of them do not last though; they fail pretty quickly. However, some have been in the market for years, and I trust them completely.

Clickdealer is a free newbie network – nice people and has good sweeps offers. It recently got into Crypto too. Create an account now. It is the first network I have ever signed up with!

A4D has good lead gen offers. Its main market is in the USA and English-speaking countries. It has a pretty strict approval process, so make sure you mention my blog name to speed up your application time.

AdCombo – I’ve done a lot of work with them. They have amazing COD (Cash-On-Delivery) offers pretty much all over the world. If you are into Nutra, this is a hidden gem network!

Traffic Source

4-This is the easy part. I have tried many of them – from Pop to push, Native to social – you name it! If you are starting out, I would highly recommend starting with Push ads first as it is cheaper and easier to convert.

Push Ads

Native Ads

  • MGID – below average traffic quality, but it can work very well with some Nutra and Casino offers.
  • RevContent – average quality and probably the most used platform in Native. It claims to have over 97% of U.S. Household traffic.
  • Taboola – high quality; it works well with lead gen, such as insurance and solar offers.


  • Facebook – Of course! I do not like it anymore.
  • Snapchat Ads – A hidden gem!


4It won’t matter if you have the best funnel in the world if you can’t track it! You must learn how to track your campaigns. It’s a hectic job, which is why you need a tracker made for affiliates like you.

All the following are great trackers:

  • Voluum – probably the most famous one. It has very cool features like an anti-fraud, built-in offer and its own traffic source (DSP).
  • FunnelFlux – the easiest tracker to use and the most visual one. I really like it. I wrote a very detailed guide and review about it.
  • RedTrack – the new sheriff in town. It is rising and recommended by super affiliates like IamAttila.


5-In the affiliate market, if your hosting is down for 1 min, that could cost you hundreds of dollars. You must have reliable hosting, which has 99% uptime. Do not be cheap here.

  1. DigitalOcean – get yourself a dedicated server or at least a VPS if you are short on budget; NOT shared hosting!
  2. Vultr – it is my favorite hosting; affordable and very easy to deploy servers. Get free $50 off now!

Spy Tools

6-Many people think this is not necessary. I would agree if you are an affiliate expert. Otherwise, I find it a must-have tool. It will save you a lot of money and time.

My all-time-favorite spy tool is Adplexity. I don’t know how they do it, but they literally spy on every affiliate ad out there, and show you what performs the best! It is a priceless tool for affiliate marketing!