Hey Hey!

This is the part that I do not like – talking about myself!

What can I say! Yeah ok, my name is Zidan!

If you know me and are reading this, you already know that I am making a good living from Affiliate Marketing, just like many other people I know.

So – a bit about me. I graduated as a Communications and Electronics Engineer but never worked as one. 🙂 Well, maybe for a couple of months or so. I’ve worked in contracts, procurement, supply chain, self-publishing, dropshipping, and a lot of other s***.

I love audiobooks and travelling.

Why did I start AffiliateGhost? 

Because I know how frustrating affiliate marketing can be. I’d like to think that I can make it a bit easier, especially for newbies.

What do I get out of this blog?

1 – Helping people.

2 – Reminding myself about everything I have learned and tried.

3 – I recommend networks, traffic sources and other tools that I have used myself. If any of the recommended tools has an affiliate program, I use my affiliate link to get a small commission if you use it too. Obviously, the commission is not from you – it is from the tool’s owner. 

Ah and I swear a lot, politely though. 🙂