Digital Advertising Statistics

Statistics That Rock The Web – 2020 (Infographic)

Digital advertising is indeed the present and future of the advertising industry. Almost every business has one form of online presence, whether as a Facebook page, Google Map Pin, website, you name it.

Online advertising has changed the whole industry in the last 10 years. Thanks to Google, Facebook and Snap Ads too, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to reach your audience anymore.

In fact, you do not need to spend money at all if you know how to do affiliate marketing using YouTube.

You can literally run a campaign online for a few bucks only; however, the question still remains whether you are reaching the right audience.

Digital Advertising Statistics
Chapter 1

Digital Ad Infographic

My team and I have gathered very extensive information about digital advertising and will show you the following data in an easily digestible form (infographic):

  • Total Projected U.S. Digital Ad Spend
  • U.S. Desktop Display Viewability Rates
  • U.S. Display Ad Click-Through Rates
  • Projected Digital Ad Spend by Country
  • Projected Digital Ad Spend by Region
  • Total Projected U.S. Programmatic Video Ad Spend
  • Projected U.S. Viewership: Digital video vs. Broadcast TV
  • Average Time per Day Spent with Video for the U.S.
  • Total Projected U.S. Native Ad Spend
  • Total Projected U.S. Mobile Programmatic Ad Spend
  • And other cool data
Digital Ad Infographic


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