51 Gaming Affiliate Programs

If you happen to know any gamers (or are one yourself), you know how much passion goes into gaming.

Spending hours on gaming consoles, buying in-game purchases or merch of their favourite games are just a few examples of how far their love for video games can go.

If we talk about the numbers:

With roughly 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, the video gaming industry is estimated to be worth well over a whopping $138 billion by 2021.

The video gaming market has huge potential that serves as a golden opportunity for affiliate marketers, especially those who love video games themselves.

To help you out,

Here’s a list of the best gaming affiliate programs out there:

Note: Obviously, this is not an all-inclusive list, and if you happen to be passionate about a certain product of a company that you see potential in, feel free to contact them to see if they’re interested in an affiliate partnership.

1. Leprestore Affiliate Program

Leprestore Affiliate Program

Leprestore offers boosting services (gamers use such services to level up their characters without having to spend countless hours doing so) for games such as Tarkov, Destiny 2, Apex, etc.

There’s a huge market for boosting services that ensures promising prospects for affiliates.

Leprestore offers 15% commission per purchase.

You can find out more here.

2. Razer Gaming Affiliate Program

Razer Gaming Affiliate ProgramRazer is essentially a household name for gamers mainly because of the diversity and quality of its products.

Razer sells anything from essential hardware to Respawn (energy drink), making it a go-to place for any gamer, be it a PC gamer, a console gamer or even a mobile gamer.

The diversity in the products lists suggests that Razor does not offer a fixed commission but offers commision according to the type of product.

For example, Razor offers a 3% commission for peripherals (keyboards, mice, consoles, etc.) and a 10% commission for Respawn products.

For more details click here.

3. Alienware Affiliate Program

Alienware Affiliate ProgramAlienware was founded in 1996 and quickly became the name associated with powerful PCs and laptops.

Alienware products are far from cheap.

An entry level system will cost you $899, but if you want the best of the best, that would go up to $8500.

Even with a 3% base rate, with such expensive gadgets, you can make a handsome income.

Dell acquired Alienware in 2006, so you’ll have to sign up for their affiliate program here.

4. Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate ProgramZygor guides offer in-game guides for WoW (World of Warcraft) and WoW Classic.

In-game guides help you (through 3d arrows, etc.) enjoy the gameplay without having to wander aimlessly, not knowing what to do or where to go.

Using Zygor guides, gamers can get the most out of the game in a shorter timespan.

Zygor guides affiliate program not only offers 50% commission on every sale but also a recurring income owing to their monthly subscription.

For more details, click here.

5. Nvidia Affiliate Program

Nvidia Affiliate ProgramNvidia is not only the leading manufacturer of graphics cards but also produces AI development workstations and streaming media players.

To be fair, Nvidia doesn’t offer a jaw-dropping commission per sale, but its huge market of 200 million plus games compensates for it.

To apply, click here.

6. Final Mouse Gaming Affiliate Program

Final Mouse Gaming Affiliate ProgramFinalmouse is an apt name for a company that only sells limited edition gaming mice.

What that means is that their mice are top-quality, aesthetically appealing, and more importantly, once they are sold out, they’re gone.

Finalmouse offers a 25% base commission on each sale.

Any gaming affiliate marketer would jump at such an offer, so sign up here if you want to join.

7. Into The AM Affiliate Program

Into The AM Affiliate ProgramEven though Into The AM is not a gaming brand per se, it produces top-quality gaming apparel.

You’ll find t-shirts featuring games like Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft, God of War, etc.

Gamers love to buy gaming merch, especially t-shirts of their favorite video games, and Into The AM is by far the best brand that covers this side of the market with a decent affiliate program.

Into The AM also offers joggers, cool face masks, etc.

Become a partner here.

8. ModdedZone Gaming Affiliate Program

ModdedZone Gaming Affiliate ProgramModdedZone sells modified controllers that not only look cool but also enhance your gaming experience by having add-ons, such as faster reload, better aim, etc.

ModdedZone offers its customers an interest-free split payment option, which makes it easier for affiliates to convert their warm traffic into commission generating leads.

ModdedZone offers a 5% commission per sale.

Sign up here to become an affiliate.

9. Bose Affiliate Program

Bose Affiliate ProgramBose is a leading brand in the world of quality speakers and headphones.

Gamers love noise-cancelling headphones as it allows them to completely immerse themselves in the game, giving them a better gaming experience.

That’s where good ‘ole Bose headphones come in.

Even though the commission is not stellar, Bose headphones can cost around $300, getting you around $10 per sale, which ain’t half bad.

You can sign up here to become an affiliate.

10. Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Program

Microsoft Gaming Affiliate ProgramEveryone knows about Microsoft, the company that made Bill Gates the second richest man today.

However, what most people don’t know is that when Microsoft introduced Windows, it revolutionized the gaming industry by bringing video games to a more mainstream audience.

Before Windows, you needed to be tech savvy, i.e., know how to write and edit config.sys and autoexec.bat files.

Microsoft might not seem to offer a decent commission, but if you factor in how easy it is to sell Xbox or the latest Windows, you’d know it’s worth a try. 

Become an affiliate here.

11. Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech Affiliate ProgramLogitech is popular for its high-quality keyboards and mice that are not only better functioning but also durable.

However, it also sells other gaming accessories such as headphones, controllers, steering wheels, joysticks, etc.

Logitech does not have the best affiliate program out there. Regardless, it is an important one to have in the gaming niche.

Join the Logitech affiliate program here.

12. WarGaming.Net Gaming Affiliate Program

WarGaming.Net Gaming Affiliate ProgramYou’ve probably seen a World of Warships or World of Tanks advertisement while surfing on the internet.

WarGaming.Net is the name behind these and other mmo (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

Even though these games are essentially free for anyone to play, they also offer a premium version that gives players a better chance of winning.

And that is where you (an affiliate) walk in.

Note: Commissions may vary from country to country.

Join here.

13. Newegg Affiliate Program

Newegg Affiliate ProgramNewegg is the Amazon for electronics because of their highly competitive prices.

Speakers, systems, peripherals, and anything else you might need as a gamer are available at Newegg at market competitive prices.

Newegg’s commission starts at 2.5%, which is usually compensated by their higher conversion ratio.

For more info and signup, click here.

14. Origin PC Gaming Affiliate Program

Origin PC Gaming Affiliate ProgramOrigin PC offers a variety of computers and laptops that are designed to meet the needs (performance, graphics, display, etc.) of casual, as well as pro-level gamers.

Origin PC has an approval process, which means you will need to have a decent sized audience to get accepted in their affiliate program.

Click here for more info.

15. Maingear PC Affiliate Program

Maingear PC Affiliate ProgramMaingear is another retailer for custom-built gaming computers and laptops.

To be a part of their affiliate program, you will need to go through their approval process, which requires you to have a sizeable audience.
To learn more about their affiliate program, click here: https://maingear.com/benext/.

16. Astro Gaming Affiliate Program

Astro Gaming Affiliate ProgramAstro gaming mainly specializes in headphones, controllers and other accessories.

Astro offers a 5% commission per sale, which means you’ll be earning around $3 to $15 on each headphone you sell.

Apply here.

17. Kontrol Freek Affiliate Program

Kontrol Freek Affiliate ProgramKontrol Freek produces accessories that customize gaming controllers for better user experience and character attributes.

Kontrol Freek addresses console gamers, so if you have a console gamer audience (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), then this is one of the best affiliate programs for you.

Apply here.

18. Sennheiser Gaming Affiliate Program

Sennheiser Gaming Affiliate ProgramSennheiser is another retailer that offers high-end audio accessories, such as headsets, speakers, microphones, and the like.

Sennheiser offers a 6% base commission which, in comparison, is 1% more than Astro gaming. Over time, even one percent makes a big difference.

Note: As of now, only US affiliates are being accepted.

Join here.

19. Chairs4gaming Affiliate Program

Chairs4gaming Affiliate ProgramChairs4gaming offers a one-stop-shop for all of the best brand label computing chairs.

Apart from chairs, Chairs4gaming has a fine collection of gaming desks, footrests and other accessories a gamer might want.

Join their affiliate program here.

20. GT Omega Racing Gaming Affiliate Program

GT Omega Racing Gaming Affiliate ProgramFrom racing cockpits to office chairs, GT Omega has it all.

Not only will your high-tier gaming audience be interested in their products, but their lower-end products will also intrigue your average gamers.

They pay a 5% base commission on each sale you make, which, considering their high ticket sales, is sure to make you good money.

Join their affiliate program here.

21. DX Racer Affiliate Program

DX Racer Affiliate ProgramDX Racer sells gaming chairs, simulators, gears, and other accessories.

You can earn up to 12% commission on each sale, making DX racer’s affiliate program one of the best in the gaming chair market.

However, you might need to show a sizeable audience before getting accepted.

To get more info, visit here.

22. OPSEAT Gaming Affiliate Program

OPSEAT Gaming Affiliate ProgramOPSEAT is another gaming chair brand that also offers gaming desks.

OPSEAT has a different affiliate program in that you do not get a fixed percentage.

Instead, they offer $15 per sale. You also get other incentives, such as custom coupon codes, and after 10 sales, you get your own OPSEAT chair.

Join their affiliate program here.

23. Gunnar Affiliate Program

Gunnar Affiliate ProgramGamers are known to be on their computer screen for the better part of the day. Such long durations can seriously affect the gamers’ vision.

Gunnar produces blue light glasses that block harmful emission from the computer screen, thus reducing eye strain and improving the overall viewer experience.

Become an affiliate with Gunnar here.

24. Jinx Gaming Affiliate Program

Jinx Gaming Affiliate ProgramJinx is your go-to brand for gaming t-shirts, trousers, outerwear, bags, hats, keychains, wallets, and whatnot (even socks).

What sets Jinx apart from others is that Jinx has direct collaborations with game producers, the likes of which produced World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and others.

If you have an audience that not only lives the gamer life but also wears the gamer life, you might want to check out their affiliate program here.

25. G2A Goldmine Affiliate Program

G2A Goldmine Affiliate ProgramG2A offers its customers a wide variety of products ranging from actual games and software to gaming accessories, gadgets, subscriptions (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), and other gaming related stuff.

You might not make a whole lot per sale, but over time, the revenue adds up.

G2A Goldmine is one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Click here to join.

26. Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program

Green Man Gaming Affiliate ProgramGreen Man Gaming has a huge gaming catalogue that will appeal to gamers of all shapes and sizes.

What’s more, they have an all-inclusive affiliate program that accepts content creators regardless of their audience size.

They have a 5% base commission per sale, and you can join their program here.

27. Kinguin Affiliate Program

Kinguin Affiliate ProgramKinguin is a platform that allows trading of in-game items, game keys, and the like.

Kinguin’s affiliate program, called Kinguin Mafia, is a hassle-free program that offers three levels of commission.

You get a 5% commission when someone joins and buys through your reflink, 0.75% commission for every transaction the person makes, and 0.25% when someone uses this new person’s reflink to make a purchase.

For more info, click here.

28. GamersGate Gaming Affiliate Program

GamersGate Gaming Affiliate ProgramHousing over 6,000 titles at discounted prices (up to 85%), GamersGate is one of the top names in computer game retailers.

Such a huge number means that there’s something for everyone, so your gamer audience would be interested in seeing their name somewhere on your website or channel.

Join their affiliate program here.

29. CDKeys Affiliate Program

CDKeys Affiliate ProgramCDKeys offers digital codes for a vast catalogue of video games.

What’s awesome is that CDKeys offers instant delivery on top of its amazing prices.

Click here to become a member of their affiliate program.

30. Gamesdeal Gaming Affiliate Program

Gamesdeal Gaming Affiliate ProgramGamesdeal is another platform that sells games, game keys, PSN codes, Xbox Live cards, etc. at discounted prices.

What sets apart Gamesdeal affiliate program from the rest is their indefinite cookie retention, which means that if you send them a referral who buys months later, you’d still get a commission (normally it’s a 90 day window).

Join their affiliate program here.

31. Killer Guides Affiliate Program

Killer Guides Affiliate ProgramKiller Guides helps players level faster by providing them with guides for over 30 mmo (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

Killer Guides offers a 40% commission per sale.

For more info, click here.

32. Streamplay Graphics Gaming Affiliate program

Streamplay Graphics Gaming Affiliate programA good chunk of your audience could themselves be streamers or content creators.

For those, Streamplay Graphics offers awesome graphics, sounds, and twitch overlays.

Streamplay Graphics offers a 30% commission per sale and has no transaction limit.

Sign Up here.

33. Nerd or Die Affiliate Program

Nerd or Die Affiliate ProgramNerd or Die is another name in the graphics community known for its top quality graphics and alerts for streamers.

Nerd or Die affiliate program offers a 10% base commission but has set tiers with increasing perks (see image for reference).

To apply or get more information, click here.

34. Rivalry Gaming Affiliate Program

Rivalry Gaming Affiliate ProgramRivalry is an esports betting platform that also offers guides on how and where to bet.

Rivalry is also a great source of esports news and promos.

Rivalry affiliate program offers affiliates 30% to 60% commission on every user you get to their website.

Join here.

35. Markeedragon Affiliate Program

Markeedragon Affiliate ProgramMarkeedragon provides game codes and in-game currencies (of games that allow it) to its customers.

Sign up at Markeedragon affiliate program here.

36. Loot Crate Gaming Affiliate Program

Loot Crate Gaming Affiliate ProgramLoot Crate likes to call itself a fan-commerce platform.

It captures the gaming market that is interested in gaming goodies that’s not related to gaming but is gmainging merch that is fun to own.

They offer loot crates that are packages of awesome merch related to gaming, pop-culture, movies, anime, etc.

What’s great about Loot crate affiliate program is that it is beginner-friendly and offers tutorials and tools that help freshies get their start.

Learn more here.

37. Fanatical Affiliate Program

Fanatical Affiliate ProgramFanatical Affiliate Program: https://youtu.be/SkdVfjl_TWM?t=34

Fanatical is a digital retailer of online games and gaming bundles that are constantly being updated so that you get the freshest deals.

Fanatical offers up to 5% commission on each sale.

For more info, click here.

38. Gamefly Gaming Affiliate Program

 Gamefly Gaming Affiliate ProgramGamefly is a platform that allows customers to either buy or rent games for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, etc., and also offers its subscribers to try new games for free.

Gamefly offers $15 to $20 for each subscriber you bring in.

Join here.

39. Humble Bundle Affiliate Program

Humble Bundle Affiliate ProgramLaunched in 2010, Humble Bundle was the very first “bundle” site.

Apart from bundles, Humble Bundle has a subscription service that offers DRM-free games, ebooks, software, etc., at discounted prices.

For more info into the Humble Bundle partner program, click here.

40. Daily Game Sale Gaming Affiliate Program

Daily Game Sale Gaming Affiliate ProgramAs the name suggests, Daily Game Sale provides its customer a vast catalogue of game keys at a stellar discount.

However, they have a limited number of copies for each game key, which increases buyer intent through scarcity.

Join their affiliate program here.

41. Chrono.gg Affiliate Program

Chrono.gg Affiliate ProgramChrono.gg brings its customers a single game every 24 hours at an insane price.

What’s more, the company is dedicated to bridge indie game developers with influencers so that the indie developers get more recognition, influencers get more sales, and gamers get more awesome games to play and stream.

Become a partner here.

42. Game Servers Gaming Affiliate Program

Game Servers Gaming Affiliate ProgramTrue to its name, Game Servers is one of the top names that provide servers for online multiplayer games, such as Ark, Rust, Minecraft, and the like.

Game Servers affiliate program offers you 100% commission on the first month’s fee.

Join the Game Servers affiliate program here.

43. ESEA Affiliate Program

ESEA Affiliate ProgramESEA provides CS:GO servers with the fastest speed and anti-cheat policies.

For every referral, you get $6.95 (if paid via Xsolla) or $5 (if paid via steam).

For more info, click here.

44. GamerSaloon Gaming Affiliate Program

GamerSaloon Gaming Affiliate ProgramGamerSaloon provides a platform to professional, skilled gamers to earn money by doing what they love the most.

GamerSaloon hosts tournaments, head-to-head matches, team matches, etc., on the best skill-based games and supports all major consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

Become a GamerSaloon affiliate by registering here.

45. WTFast Affiliate Program

WTFast Affiliate ProgramWTFast is, as they say, not a VPN but a GPN (Gamers Private Network).

WTFast does not hide your IP address, it only optimizes game connection data using its artificial intelligence to find the best possible server route.

As a result, gamers have lower ping and a better gaming experience.

Join here to become an affiliate.

46. Gamer Dating Gaming Affiliate Program

Gamer Dating Gaming Affiliate Program The most unique and highly needed service is Gamer Dating.

You’d know from the name that it is a platform connecting video game lovers with each other so that they spend the rest of their online and offline lives with someone who loves the same things as they do, namely, video games.

Gamer Dating offers a 20% base commission per subscription.

To become an affiliate, click here.

47. G2Deal Affiliate Program

G2Deal Affiliate ProgramG2Deal is another platform that offers video game activation codes, PSN codes, Xbox Live cards, time cards, etc., at amazing prices.

G2Deal has an amazing affiliate program that provides its affiliates marketing tools and tons of banner ads to reach their full potential.

Join their affiliate program by clicking here and earn 5%-20% on every sale you make.

48. World Winner Gaming Affiliate Program

World Winner Gaming Affiliate ProgramWorld Winner offers a platform for two teams or players to compete against each other to win cash prizes.

Unlike other similar sites that have competitions for high-tier shooter games, World Winner focuses more on games like Spider Solitaire, Angry Birds, and Scrabble.

World Winner offers a flat fee of $25 for each referral that is paid once the referral joins the first match or tournament.

Join here.

49. OZ Game Shop Affiliate Program

OZ Game Shop Affiliate ProgramOZ Game Shop was created to provide gamers with great video games at affordable prices.

Since its start, not only has it achieved its goal with great integrity, but it has also expanded its services in other domains such as music, DVDs, collectables, etc.

OZ Game Shop offers its affiliates a 5% commission on every sale, and it’s a great service to refer to your audience.

Join here.

50. eGaming Bets Gaming Affiliate Program

eGaming Bets Gaming Affiliate ProgrameSports have grown tremendously over the years, to a point where it’s not just about playing games but also watching some of the best players or teams play.

eGaming Bets has taken a step forward by allowing viewers to place bets on their favorite players or teams.

eGaming Bets allows betting on League of Legends, CS: GO, Starcraft, and other highly popular titles.

eGaming Bets affiliate program offers 30% to 60% commission based on their level.

To know more about their program, click here.

51. Secret Lab Affiliate Program

Secret Lab Affiliate ProgramSecret Lab was founded in 2014 to provide gamers with the best quality chairs that are comfortable especially for gamers who play video games for countless hours.

Secret Lab works with the best craftsmen and designers to provide their customers with the best gaming chairs and are constantly working to improve their designs.

Secret Lab offers a 12% commission for each sale.

Click here to join their program.


The list by no means covers every gaming affiliate program.

It is curated keeping in mind the benefits it could provide to the affiliates and their audience, so only the best have made it to the list.

Having said that, you are not supposed to partner up with every one of them.

In fact, it would be best if you only promote the ones whose products/services you have been using yourself.

That way, you can provide genuine reviews about the products or services you are promoting.

It’s also easier to promote products/services you have used yourself because it is harder to convince your audience to buy something you’ve never used yourself.

Moreover, your audience tends to follow you in terms of what gadgets and accessories you use. After all, you are an “influencer.”