Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform through which you can share images and potentially promote products to your specific audience.

By design, it is made to enable saving and discovery of information throughout the world wide web with the use of images, GIFs and videos in the form of pinboards.

Its users tend to use it more as a search engine to find ideas for specific decorations, for example, rather than a social media platform.

Pinterest Affiliate marketing is the act of recommending products on Pinterest that your followers can buy.

This is not only limited to products but services as well.

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest
Chapter 1

Introduction to Pinterest Affiliate Programs

In terms of the demographic, while there is an increase in the number of males that use the platform, a higher percentage of women adore it.

A 2016 Pew Research study concluded that 45% of women use Pinterest compared to 17% of men.

When your followers choose to purchase any of these products or services, you get a commission.


Introduction to Pinterest Affiliate Programs

Best of all, the price is not increased for your specific followers. In fact, many affiliate programs provide discounts through specific links or codes that you can share.

When it comes to affiliate programs for Pinterest, there are many options for you to consider. Always keep in mind that you do not need a blog in order to start following a specific affiliate program for Pinterest, although it can be recommended.

Read on for a deep dive into the world of affiliate programs for Pinterest, highlighting some of the best options the market can currently offer you to get started.

Amazon Associates

Walmart Vs. Amazon Affiliate Programs

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store on the planet.

Full stop.

It is literally the go-to (online shopping?) place for just about anyone and has the richest library of products in the world.

You can find just about anything there, and of course, you would need to purchase these products in order to gain access to them.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that many people want to push their products through Amazon.

However, there is just one thing – many products get reviews.

These reviews can range from 0 to 5 stars, which showcase the satisfaction of each and every customer.

When someone searches for a product, chances are the products with the highest ratings and stars show up first, indicating to the customer that those are the go-to products for them. Through the reviews, the customer can realize that the product is as described online and has a high level of quality and efficiency.

Now, imagine you are a new person wanting to enter the industry as a merchant. Pushing through the dense fog of highly reviewed and regarded products can be a chore and a pain, and your business can suffer because of it.

As such, Amazon has its own affiliate program where people who have their own blogs or following can advertise and sell the less popular product, although this is not always the case. You can always sell even the highest-grossing items and can gain anywhere from 4 to 8% on each and every sale that product ends up getting.

The unique part of this program is the fact that every click your fan base generates within a 24-hour interval gets involved within your commission sale.

So basically, to sum this up nicely, Amazon has countless products from any niche out there that you can imagine. Therefore, you can write, record and talk about anything, and promote it through your content stream to potential buyers of that product, earning you a pretty penny in the process.

The beauty about connecting Pinterest affiliate programs with this is the fact that you can promote just about anything, from home décor to self-entertainment.

This is by far one of the most attractive options when it comes to affiliate programs for Pinterest.


clicnkbank affiliate program

When it comes to dedicated affiliate programs, ClickBank offers something truly special.

You can promote services like software, programs and learning aids for your potential audience.

The main reason why this specific website stands out from the rest is quite simple – a reason that will surely win you over. You might be asking yourself right about now, what can be so special about this website?

Well, you can earn commissions from 30% to 75%.

They even have ClickBank University, which teaches you how to get started as an affiliate and get you up to speed.

Don’t you just love it when a company teaches you how to make money?

The best part about all this is that it works flawlessly with Pinterest, as you can easily sell home décor, garden décor, interior design and cooking items, making it one of the most effective affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Chapter 2

Website Hosting as a Pinterest Affiliate Program

If you are an avid user of Pinterest, chances are you have come across pins that will motivate you to start your own blog.

Blogs are an excellent way of getting into affiliate marketing.

If you’ve been paying close attention to this article and have truly grasped everything it has to offer, you have probably noticed how much we are emphasizing the usage of blogs.

Blogs are, simply put, a gateway to your audience.


Website Hosting as a Pinterest Affiliate Program

In order to have an online blog in the first place, there are a few things you need:

  • A domain name – that address you type into your web browser that starts with www.

This address also shows up on Google Search Results when someone Googles a specific keyword.

  • A hosting service

The hosting service will be pushing and keeping your website online.

A hosting service provides you with a service that, in the back-end, works as follows:

You basically rent space on a server – this is known as shared hosting – where you, alongside other websites that have paid for the service, take advantage of the hardware the server provides, such as CPU, SSD and RAM, to push and store your content online.

The server processes all of the text, images, animations, videos and gifs you are willing to put on your website, so the faster and more powerful the server is, the better results you will get.

These hosting service providers also offer dedicated hosting, where you literally rent out a single server and can use it on only your websites, allowing you a lot more flexibility in what you want to happen in the background of your website.

A lot of these hosting providers offer their own affiliate programs that you can use to generate revenue.

Some of the most popular hosting services are:


siteground affiliate program

SiteGround was founded all the way back in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria, by Ivo Tzenov.

It is home to more than 2 Millions domains worldwide and provides a lot of hosting services and solutions with over 500 employees.


bluehost affiliate program

Bluehost, owned by the Endurance International Group, is one of the largest web hosts on the market with over two million domains worldwide.

The company was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and features its own in-house servers in a facility that is over 50,000 square feet.


hostgator affiliate program

Hostgator is a provider of shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services, as well as a reseller.

It was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley.

Each of these hosting services has its own pros and cons, but when it comes down to it, they all keep your website online. Since your website is your blog, this means that through any of these, you can push your content to your audience easily.

What you are really interested in here though are their own affiliate programs.

Each hosting service has its own affiliate program as a way to promote its service to a new audience and in turn, gain a lot of new users.

These are commonly found as links or specific codes, which provide your audience with a discount.

So, getting a hosting service for your affiliate-focused blog can also get you into the affiliate program of the hosting service, which is a win-win scenario.

Chapter 3

Pinterest Affiliate Programs for WordPress Themes

If you have chosen to go the Pinterest route of teaching people how to start blogging and in online affiliate programs as a whole, chances are these people might not be the most experienced developers or experts in the industry and might have a hard time starting off.

When you choose the right domain name and get the perfect hosting service for your blog, you usually have the chance to install WordPress with one click, which is the easiest way to get up and running quickly.

However, once you load up WordPress, it can be a bit overwhelming to grasp each and every part of it.

Pinterest Affiliate Programs for WordPress Themes

WordPress themes streamline the process tremendously, with most of them offering predetermined scripts that create multiple pages and categories on your WordPress page from the start.

There are a lot of free themes, which usually get the job done, but if you want to stand out from the pack, you’ll want to opt-in for a Premium Theme. This will come with its own set of preprogrammed advanced features and animations that will truly put your website one step above the competition.

Two amazing websites for Premium Themes with interesting affiliate programs are:


affiliate program themeforest for pinterest

ThemeForest is part of the Envato Market where you can sell or buy HTML templates as well as themes for CMS products, such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


mythemeshop affiliate program

MyThemeShop is one of the biggest WordPress providers of themes in the world, with over 600,000 customers and a catalogue of more than a hundred themes and plugins.

With all of this in mind, not only will you spice up your newly formed blog with a truly unique look, but you will also gain yet another channel through which you can sell through affiliate networks and in turn, potentially create an amazing passive revenue stream.

Chapter 4

Exploring an Affiliate Network Through Page Builders

Now, you will always have the kind of person who will strive to go for a look that is… out there.

A unique look – not a theme one can buy online easily, but a look that is specific to this person’s blog and website as a whole.

With a normal, free or purchased WordPress theme, you simply do not have the level of flexibility provided by page builders unless you know HTML and CSS, or in some cases even PHP, to truly customize and make the experience shine.

Exploring an Affiliate Network Through Page Builders

You do not need to be a web developer in order to create a unique website. There are currently a lot of web builders out there, compatible with WordPress, that can help you achieve this unique look simply through a drag and drop system.

This means that there is no programming knowledge or effort required. You simply open up the page builder, select a preset (template?) or start from scratch, and drag elements into place.  The page will look like a blank canvas with various boxes, in which you can shape and match each element to get the look you truly want.

Why are we discussing page builders?

Well, each of them offers its own affiliate program, so you can earn while building.

Here is a list of some of the best drag and drop page builders out there:


Divi elegant theme affiliate

Divi is a design framework that allows you to design and customize every part of your WordPress-based website from start to finish through a drag and drop system.


Beaverbuilder affiliate program

Beaver Builder is an advanced drag and drop page builder where you can create page layouts and completely design how the front-end of your website looks without the need to learn any programming language.


elementor affiliate program

Elementor was created by an Israeli software company and offers you the option to design the look of an entire website without needing to learn any programming languages.

Visual Composer

visual composer affiliate program

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin that allows its users to design a website by dragging and dropping elements into specific aligned places on the site.

New blocks, texts or buttons can easily be added and modified.

There are also entire platforms that offer domain names, web hosting, and their own custom page builders, which are an attractive way to start a blog as well since you get everything without the hassle of installing plugins and managing files.

The most popular of these are:


squarespace affiliates

Squarespace Inc. is a private American company based in New York City that provides software for building websites as well as hosting.

Customers gain access to pre-build website templates that they can modify by dragging and dropping different items.


wix affiliate for pinterest Ltd. Is an Israeli software development company that provides cloud-based web development services and has created its own platform allowing users to build (or design?) advanced HTML5 websites through simply dragging and dropping different elements, making the experience easy.

Chapter 5

Pinterest Automation Tools - Affiliate Programs

Pinterest is a joy to manage and extremely intuitive; however, if you are time-limited, automation tools allow you to manage and schedule tasks and do all of the heavy lifting for you.

There are a lot of popular automation tools out there that manage your content, schedule your pins and join tribes related to your niche.

Each of these automation tools also offers some sort of commission, so if you can somehow convince your audience to take advantage of the benefits each of them provides, you can create yet another revenue stream for yourself.

Pinterest Automation Tools - Affiliate Programs

Some of the best Pinterest Automation Tools include:


tailwind affiliate program

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that provides you with the smartest solution for managing your presence across the visual web. It offers a complete suite of marketing tools such as Smart Scheduling, Analytics & Monitoring, Content Discovery, Education, Tribes, Hashtag Suggestions and much more.


pingroupie affiliate program for pinterest

PinGroupie is an enormous Group Pinterest Board Directory where you can find boards from over 3 million followers to daily pins with 250 followers.

Through this platform, you can discover boards that are the perfect fit for you.

Chapter 6

Online Courses as Affiliate Programs

Another interesting and popular way of teaching people about affiliate marketing, or really anything else out there, is through online courses.

A lot of online courses creators provide an affiliate program for their courses.

Yes, you can sell an affiliate course about building a website or starting a WordPress blog; however, let us take a trip back to the beginning of this article.

Online Courses as Affiliate Programs

Many online courses offer complete guides from professional photographers from across the world who teach everything they have learned throughout their years of photographing landscapes, models, or products, depending on their expertise and niche.

So, aside from all of the physical products, you could also sell your audience a virtual course where they can learn how to sharpen their photography skills before investing in such gear and prepping for their trip.

This is the essence of affiliate marketing – capturing all angles and fronts to ensure maximum efficiency in developing your revenue stream as a whole.

Some of the best online platforms which offer courses are:


affiliates offers Coursera


udemy affiliate program


Udacity affiliate program

LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin Learning affiliate program


skillshare affiliate offers

Khan Academy

affiliate program for Khan Academy



The world of affiliate marketing might have some ground rules you need to follow, but remember that, ultimately, your creativity and way of expressing yourself is the only limit when it comes to making sales and figuring out the perfect affiliate tunnel for your audience.

You are the master of this game, and through your uniqueness, you can create a content strategy that rivals even the ones from the best marketing agencies on the planet.

Pinterest as a platform has a lot of flexibility and an enormous user base, and through the creation of a proper strategy, you can generate a lot of sales through it.

The best program depends highly on your specific needs. Do not be afraid to try more than one in order to find out what exactly works for you.

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